Tennis school

The school of tennis is divided between the children's and adult programs.

School of tennis for children

The optimal age for children to start playing tennis is between the ages six and eight. In the next two years they should learn the basic techniques in order to start competing.

Those who start to play later, can expect to learn to play a very correct recreational game. The school of tennis for children is organized in group lessons avoiding individual tuition.

School of tennis for adults

The program for adults for recreational purposes, consists of solely individual lessons which are agreed with the coach. After a certain number of lessons, once the basic technique and ball control are mastered, the pupils are arranged into pairs and advised to practice individually without the aid of the coach.

Lessons can be taken as required and wished, but it is always advisable to practice with various other learners.

In the beginning all you need are tennis shoes and track suit. All other tennis equipment, for both children and adults is available and at disposal in the club.

After a certain period of time, once you are in the tennis life, we will advise and recommend the right racket  and other equipment you may wish to buy. 

Another point related to learning to play tennis!

Tennis is a hard game.

It requires dedication, patience and persistence.Somebody's physical predisposition has no bearing if the learner has no feeling for the ball in the air or on the racket.

Somebody may learn the basics in 5 - 10 lessons, while somebody else can not learn in 50 lessons.

So, if you have decided to learn to play tennis arm houself with patience and dedication, as there are no shortcuts in learning these complex motorical skills as in tennis.

Reservations and information

All appointment reservations are made on the club's phone, up to three days in advance. If you are not able to come to the scheduled appointment, please cancel it at least four hours before.