Tennis school

The “Sa&NI” Tennis Club also offers a tennis school. It's main driving force are the coaches, who are firm beleivers in classical tennis techniques. Unlike most other tennis clubs, “Sa&Ni” did not entierly adopt the modern methods of coaching presented by world experts, firmly beleiving that well qulified coaches and the “old” system of teaching show excellent results. This has also been proven in practice.

Tennis school for children

The ideal time for children to start with the game is bween the ages of six and eight, so that by the age of ten a child reaches the competition stage .Those who start at a later age can expect to reach a good recreational level. Lessons are organised two to three times a week in groups of six, adapting to a child's other comitments. The coaches continuously follow  the work and the development of each child with timely and adeqaute guidance and advice. The policy of the club is the interest and well set goals for each child.
Should some children stand out as  exceptional  talents, the club is always ready to advise where they can carry on with their competative careers and future developement. 
Those children who can not hope to make careers of the game are informed of this well on time and no false promises are made in this respect.

Tennis school for adults

It is never too late to take the first tennis steps. Individual lessons are organised for those who would like to enter the world of "white sport”. All details are arranged at the club, where we try to meet all the requirements, needs and comitments of individuals. An average of 10 – 15 lessons are needed to master the essential tennis techniques. After that the club arranges games with other members of a similar level. Lessons can be taken as needed, as learning to play never stops.
To start playing at our club all you need are tennis shoes and a track suit. All other equipmet is supplied by the club, both for adults and children. Should you decide that you like the game and want to carry on with the new "way of life” you will receive advice and guidance on the equipment you need to buy.

Rezervacije i informacije

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