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With more than 20 years of activity, “Sa&Ni” is one of the rare tennis clubs in Serbia with an extremly rich history in the “white sport”. It was founded in the last century as the firts private tennis club in Serbia, with four courts and a desire to evoke tennis to people. With time, “Sa&Ni” became a place where tennis is not just a sport and a recreation place – but a way of life

How did it all begin?

It all started in the last century, in 1991 when the Vucetic familay, who has spent most of its life in tennis, decided to found a club. As tennis was in their blood, the founders Bane and Dora Vucetic planted their love for the "white sport” in to the foundation of the club itself.

Bane's first contact with a raquet was in 1957 – and has never put it down since. As an active tournament player and member of the National Team of the former Yugoslavia, he was for several years a coach at the "Red Star” Tennis Club. He moved on to become the Head Coach and Director of the "Partizan” Tennis Club. Where else would he meet his future wife, but on a tennis court.

Dora Alavantic was a member of the National Team, active tournament player and Bane was her coach for a short time.  They had two children, and as would be expected, they inherited the love for tennis.

First came Nikola, better known as Kica and eleven years later into the world came Aleksandra – Sasha. Both made their first steps on a tennis court and as soon as they were old enough a tennis raquet found its way into their hands. Kica is also proud to point out that he is in the world of tennis from birth, his membership at the "Partizan” Tennis Club dates back to 23 September 1977. He was born a day before.

On finishing their competative days, Sasha and Nikola brought their knowledge and enthusiasm into their club. The club was naamed with the first two letters of their names – SA &  NI. And so, the club became the result of the love for the game by the entire Vucetic family.

Where are we now?

Nearly a quarter of a century from it's founding, "Sa&Ni” has grown into a serious recreational tennis club, where you can always receive advice on your game development, where you will experience a sound sports atmosphere, enjoy healthy human communication a become aware that tennis is a way of life.

  • 1962

    Bane in action, Dudova suma in Subotica

    Sani Tennis Istorijat (13)
  • 1963

    Dora's first steps on a tennis court, Tennis Club Opatija in Opatija

    Sani Tennis Istorijat (3)
  • 1963

    Bane won over Ilie Nastase in Athens 1963, Junior Balkan Championship

    Bane I Ilija Nastase
  • 1963

    18 years old Bane, tournament in Split

    Sani Tennis Istorijat (2)
  • 1964

    Bane on the tournament in Backa Topola

    Sani Tennis Istorijat (4)
  • 1968

    Bane and Ion Tirijak in Split

    Sani Tennis Istorijat (6)
  • 1973

    Dora on the tournament in Nis

    Sani Tennis Istorijat (7)
  • 1973

    Ex-YU U18 national team, Bad Honneff, Germany, Marko Ostoja, Dora, captain Lea Habunek, Maja Kesic, Mima Jausovec and Marina Mihelic.

    Sani Tennis Istorijat (14)
  • 1975

    Partizan Tennis Club, Team Championship of Yugoslavia, Biljana Todorovic Kostic and Dora

    Sani Tennis Istorijat (11)
  • 1975

    Partizan Tennis Club, Senior championship of Yugoslavia, Dora after losing the finals against Mima Jausovec

    Sani Tennis Istorijat (8)
  • 1975

    Partizan Tennis Club, Dora on training

    Sani Tennis Istorijat (12)
  • 1980

    Dora won first place at the tournament in Hildesheim near Hanover

    Sani Tennis Istorijat (5)
  • 1989

    Partizan Tennis Club, Bane as a director of first Satellite tournament, with Jeca Gencic and Dora after having played the final.

    Sani Tennis Istorijat (1)
  • 2005

    Gathering of lifelong friends: Ivko Plećević, Nikola Pilic and Dora in the Tennis Club Sa&Ni

    Sani Tennis Istorijat (10)
  • 2015

    Bane's 70th birthday with Vucetic family

    Porodica Vucetic1

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